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Resolve “Canon Error 99 codes” in Canon Camera

Canon is a powerful digital camera which is known for delivering flawless photo quality. Canon digital camera is incorporated with DIGIC 4 imaging processor. Canon digital camera is typically different with its technology. It is easy to handle. It offers an array of shooting modes, advanced functions and creative features. Canon camera brands come with twelve months warranty. Canon remains a significant force in the market today. Digital cameras are in demand, as it has become choice of many people.

It stores its photo or pictures in memory card, SD card, and CF card. But there be many instances which lead to corruption and gives rise to memory card error in canon camera. Corruption can lead to helpless as previously stored photos become inaccessible and it also stops you from taking any further photos. Formatting cannot fix the corruption issue; it will only give rise to data loss issues. In that situation photos can be recovered back only with the help available backup . But in case if no backup is available, then with the help of canon recovery software it can be recovered back.

It may sometime happen with the user that while they are trying to access out the photos from canon camera it throws some erroneous errors like Error 99 codes, flash does not pop up or other lens error:


Error 99 codes are caused due to:

  • Memory card
  • Due to Lens problem
  • Sometimes created by the camera body itself
  • Unintentional formatting
  • Improper shut down
  • Improper handling

Canon 99 error on the Canon digital SLR camera is an indication of miscellaneous error that cannot be easily categorized. Error 99 also prevents you or stops you from taking any further photos until the problem has been found and resolved. This situation is really very heartbreaking making user think about how to fix error in Canon camera to avoid any photo loss situation.


  • Turn of the camera and reinsert the memory card and press the shutter release button again
  • Turn of the camera and reattach the lens
  • Use third party canon recovery software to transfer back the deleted, corrupted pr formatted photos.

With the help of Canon camera recovery software photos of canon camera become accessible .It is compatible with all brands of canon camera. It can recover deleted, corrupted and formatted photos.