Solve ‘E50’ and ‘E51’ card Errors in Canon PowerShot S400 Camera

Canon PowerShot S400 is popular digital camera to shoot your picture or photos. It is popular among photo enthusiastic. It is loaded with easy to use features and smooth navigation controls, which a casual user expects in typical point and shoot camera. It has some variant features like auto focus, 4 megapixels lens, and it also have several manual controls. With other standalone feature include 16.9 wide screen, 2.8 inches LCD display, high definition image stabilization and video capture.

It saves photos to SDHC, MMC, SD and HC MMC cards. But when the card fails to communicate with no trace of stored files, this can turn to be an irresistible experience for the same user. Such problems of photo can be solved be reformatting card, but it can causes the entire photo stored to delete. An easy ay to restore lost photos from canon camera backup copy or you can have to find for recovery software. The further illustration shows a similar kind of issues that can occur to Cannon PowerShot S400 users.

Consider, from your Canon camera PowerShot S400 you have captured some precious photographs. Due to any unexpected event, you need to shut down the camera. The next time you turn on your camera to view photos file, you find those photos inaccessible with errors such as:





The Canon Camera PowerShot S400 display above CF card error message when, the card is likely to be corrupted.


You should follow the following steps to solve Canon EOS error code:

  • Remove your CF card from your camera and after that with the help of card reader try to read it. IF from card reader photo becomes accessible then it is known that problems are in Canon PowerShot S400 camera. You can try resetting the cameras to its default settings and /or install the firmware updates.
  • With card reader if card is inaccessible, you are suggested to reformat the CF card and restore from available Canon camera backup.

Reformatting delete the entire photo. If Canon camera backup is not available, you can use canon camera recovery software. The third party recovery software designed to run specific scanning algorithms to recover deleted digital photos.